Wimter is a tremendous source of information, we research, adopt, filter out and compose the information, so that the world can learn something from it. We try our best to combine the best information available to help the people. Wimter doesn’t have any kind of fancy aims, we just want to promote the digital learning. Wimter doesn’t focuses on a single topic, it is totally open topic and we will share anything that might be useful for the people regardless of the category of the topic. We research, support and compose all kinds of information that could be useful to the audience of Wimter.

Wimter was founded in late 2015 by two class fellows Syed Hassan Bukhari and Ammar Pervez at the age of their early 16. Hassan had been researching to build up this platform since more than a year, then he finally discussed his ideas with Ammar and they both started working to give their imaginary ideas a beautiful reality. So, this is how Wimter was formed.

Introduction of the Head Staff

Syed Hassan Bukhari and Ammar Pervez are the co-founders of Wimter company. Here is a brief introduction of both of them:

President – Syed Hassan Bukhari

President of Wimter - Syed Hassan Bukhari

Syed Hassan Bukhari is the President of Wimter. He has about six years of experience in online businesses. He is a really successful, top rated instructor on udemy, he started his first course in 2014. He is very well known for his exceptional SEO (Internet Marketing), Audio / Video creation and Blogging skills. He was the one who named this company as “Wimter”.

VP of Content – Kimiko Price

VP of Content of Wimter - Kimiko Price

Kimiko Price is the VP of Content of Wimter, she helps to make the best content for Wimter and also helps us to build relations and links with other fellow website owners so that we can share the work that we’re doing. Kimiko is currently studying Business Management at Long Island University, she wants to become a well-educated person to make her parents proud, so she joined Wimter to fulfill her dreams.